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Dear Editor of Wall Street Journal,
I just read your article “Gender Gap Fuels Swedish Feminist Party's Rise Ahead of Election” and I found it very interesting. First of all, I want to say that it was very informative and I actually learned a lot from it. I always knew that Sweden has one of the most feminist governments, but I didn’t exactly know what made them so equal compared to the United States. According to NPR.com, Sweden allows their families to take up to 480 days of leave of absence from the birth of the child until the child is 8 years old. That is more than five times the amount women in the United States are allowed to leave (3 months). These days can be allocated to the parents choosing, but at least 60 days are reserved for the father. This Parental Leave Policy shows that Sweden has one the most progressive Gender Equality Movements of all time.
Going back to the article, it talks about how the Feminist Initiative, a feminist political party, is unsatisfied with the recent progress the nation has made towards gender equality. Sweden has gotten so far with feminist policies, but it seems that the movement has grown stagnant. In my opinion, this Feminism 2.0 has gotten pretty far. It’s been able to expand its members to women and men. In fact, men make up about 25% of the members. I think that’s impressive. I honestly don’t believe that the feminist movement is slowing down anytime soon. I actually feel like this movement is getting larger and larger. I do, however, wish that the United States is as progressive as Sweden in becoming a gender equal society. If you look at American social media, it depicts women as weak and inferior. Furthermore, the wage gap between men and women in the United States is much larger than many other countries. Companies “justify” paying less to women because they are more likely to take parental leave, but it’s not their choice they are the baby bearer, and not the men.
Mi Nguyen
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Early Birthday for Undou Onchi

I know it's a little early for a birthday post but I want to spare people's friend lists from another birthday-icon-spam-post. So this is an early celebration for the birth of our beloved rapper, Sakurai Sho. ♥

Of course, like any other birthdays, I made many many icons for the public. :) Uh, these icons are very Sho-centric (like always) but I tried to balance them out making icons of the rest of them. I apologize for anyone who does not approve of my bias towards Sho.

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I've been on Sho-mode this week. Feels good. :D

Today is for Aiba.


Happy Birthday!

:) To celebrate, I made more icons.

Obvious isn't it? x)

This batch is filled with Aiba goodness so any Aiba-fans should be very happy!

Oh, and it's also Christmas Eve for some of you guys huh?
So how was it? Get a lot of presents? Big Family Feast? TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CHRISTMAS DAMMIT!

My Christmas is going great so far! I got my Time concert DVD and I squealed like a retard. Along with my newly bought Kendama which I promise I will master it ;) And I got a fairly large amount of gifts from friends and family so I'm pretty happy with how this year ended.

The only way to make this year the best is if Arashi shows up on my doorstep to ask for directions or something

Anyways, I should really get back to the icons huh? I know you guys don't really read my ramblings and rants anyways ...
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Nice Batch Nice Batch.

At last, a whole new batch for the month of December.

My month. :)

Oh, and Aiba's too, of course.

I have to say, I been busy recently to make a spam-load of icons for you guys, so I apologize..

As for updates on my life, well, they're all details no one in the internet world cares anyways so let's just stick with being okay. :)
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Sloppy Stylez Krew

Anyone here like break dancing?

Well, I love Bboys and I'm learning how to break too!

But today, I'm just here to promote a crew.

"Why this crew?" you ask? Well, because they're pro, cool, hecka owns at it, and Steven is my best friend's brother. :D

I don't know if you're able to purchase SSK T-shirts, but it doesn't hurt to ask. So message me or them.

Oh yeah, I still need to show the video. Hehe.
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It's time!

Is everyone excited?! Tomorrow's finally the official day that marks our lovely boy's tenth anniversary!

Just like an good fan would, I decided to do some form of celebratory message for them!

I drew them a picture! Yes, it's so in my character to do so.
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